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Ranking In Google Maps & Recieve FREE Local Leads

Google Maps Marketing Experts

Google Maps Marketing Experts

z5 Marketing is a Google Maps marketing expert agency. When it comes to marketing your business online the place to be is at the top of Google’s Local map listings.

It is no secret that businesses who rank here will receive the majority of clicks and calls from local searchers looking for their service. If you want more customers for your local small business this is by far the most effective strategy you can implement.

What is Google Maps Business Listings?

While you will often hear it referred to as “Google Maps“, Google refers to its local business listing platform as Google My Business. They are local business listing that shows up only on local search results.

They include the business name, address, phone number and website. These business listings are found on the top of page #1 in the “Google Maps” section of local search results.

There are 2 different types of Google Maps Marketing.

  1. Paid Local Maps Listings
  2. FREE Organic Local Maps Listings (most common)

Paid Google My Business Listings

While paid listings are an easy way to get to the top of these search results it can be very expensive.

The way these ads work is called “pay per click advertising” where you pay a certain amount everytime someone clicks on your ad. With some ad prices reaching $30 to $70  per click, this can add up really fast.

Google Maps Local Business Ad

Google Maps Local Business Advertising

While we do offer PPC advertising as a service it is almost always a better return on investment to optimize your FREE organic Google maps business listing so it will rank in the top 3 results (only the top 3 show on page #1 of search results).

FREE Organic Google My Business (GMB) Listings

We help our clients optimize and rank these FREE listings in the Top 3 positions which are the only ones that appear on page one of search results.

Google Maps Local Business Listings

Google Maps Local Business Listings

And the best part is they cost you $0 per click!

So it doesn’t matter if you get 20 clicks or 2,000 clicks per month, the only cost to you is your initial investment to rank in this position.

We typically only recommend paid ads for clients that want to rank outside of your immediate geographic service area.

Optimizing Your FREE Google My Business And Local Maps Listings

If you are serious about generating more leads with your business, local maps listings are a MUST!

These “maps” can be found at the top of page #1 search results for local searches. An example of a local business search would be as  “plumber in Atlanta, Ga” or  “plumber near me”

While there are other search engines with local listings Google My Business is by far the most popular and where you will see the most return on your investment.

If you have been struggling to get your business listings to show up in the “local map pack” or (top 3 listings that show on page #1) we can help!

This is one of the primary services we offer to help small businesses generate more local leads.

Why Local Map Rankings Are So Important

The search results show at the top of the page only under the paid search results and before the organic website links.

These spots are often more valuable than the paid results!

If you can get your business in this section of the search results you can expect your website to receive around 20% to 40% of ALL clicks and phone calls from these local search results.

And the best part is…

This traffic only cost the price of the search engine optimization work to get your listing to the top of the page #1 “map pack”.

Take Your Local Business To The Next Level With Google Maps Marketing

If you would like to learn more about why we are local Google Maps marketing experts and how we can help get your business to the top your local map listings, let’s discuss your marketing goals in more detail.


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