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Digital Marketing For Local Businesses

Small Business Digital Marketing Experts

We are the small business digital marketing agency that actually delivers results. Our philosophy is simple… for every $1 you invest you invest into your marketing, you should expect to receive at least $2 in return!

Dollar for dollar digital marketing is the most cost-effective way for a small business to increase its bottom line and generate more clients.

What makes our marketing different from offline marketing is that we have the data to back up everything we do. In most cases, we can even help you track your offline campaigns.

So that’s right… No more blind guessing with your hard earned marketing dollars! Now you have the data to back up whats working and what is not.

For many small businesses, a well planned digital marketing campaign can mean the difference between dominating their local market share or struggling to keep the doors open.

Internet Marketing For Small Business Owners

Every business owner knows that customers are searching for their products and services on Google & Bing. This fact isn’t going away anytime soon. The only question is…

Who are your potential customers find when they search? Your business or your competitor’s business?

Without some form of marketing, even the best websites in the world will usually fall flat and never produce a positive return on investment (or a single new client for that matter).

The z5 vision is to provide cost-effective marketing solutions for small and mid-size business owners that will allow them to compete with much larger organizations.

When a company fully partners with us we are equipped to serve as their digital department for a fraction of the cost they could hire even 1 in-house employee.

At z5 Marketing, we love business and our passion is helping our clients dominate their online markets. As you can tell we are not your typical agency. Everything we do is geared toward turning your online business presence into an impenetrable dominating fortress in your local market.

When we take on a project our goal is to turn your digital real estate (your website) into a revenue-generating digital asset for your business.

Our mission is to give business owners certainty and confidence in the uncertain world of online marketing. Our motto is simple, “always do the right thing, because it’s the right thing to do!”  And doing things the right way the first time is just the way we do business.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is any marketing activity that uses an electronic device but most often refers to internet related marketing activities. These strategies often include search engine optimization, social media, email marketing, paid advertising and typically involve some form of a website as a tool to connect with prospective customers.

More and more these services are becoming an unavoidable part of day to day survival for many small business owners. Karen Braun wrote a great article for Forbes called, “A Digital Marketing Survival Guide For Small Businesses” that provides some great insights on this topic.

The reality is that the right digital strategy implemented correctly could easily mean doubling or even tripling the number of new calls coming into your business.

Online Marketing Strategies For Small Business

While there are many different types of online marketing and strategies that a small business can pursue, most all of them can be classified within 3 simple categories.

  • SEO – Search engine Optimization
  • PPC – Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Email & SMS (Text Message Marketing)

Search Engine Optimization Services

Twenty-five years ago the phone book was the place to be in order to be found by new clients.

Fast forward to today and the internet has changed everything. It was once about who’s name showed up first in alphabetical order or who could purchase the largest full-color ad…

Things have changed and so has marketing. Now it’s about who can appear 1st on page #1 of search results (aka the best Search Engine Optimization).

Today there are more people with cell phones in their pocket, than people without them. Finding a product or service is now as instant as pulling that phone out your pocket and “Googling it“.

It has never been more important for your business to show up at the top of these search results than it is today. And that’s where SEO comes in because dominating your search results often requires more than just having a website built and walking away.

It’s not easy getting to the top of Bing, Google or Yahoo search results, but when a business does… the effort is usually well worth it.

Ask any business owner who has ever been at the top of Google Maps listings and they will quickly tell you the difference it made in their business.

We offer multiple SEO services to help you dominate your local online searches. And our goal isn’t just to get your business on the front page but to get you listed there multiple times.

We are experts at helping small businesses turn their websites into revenue producing assets for their business.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click advertising can take on many roles. PPC can be anything from paid Facebook ads to paid search engine ads. While the pricing often varies the concept is the fundamentally the same. You place a text, image or video ad on another website and you pay the “other” website every time someone clicks on your ad.

At z5 Marketing, we offer PPC as a stand-alone service but we often pair it up with our SEO services to help increase search results.

This is often referred to as SEM or Search engine marketing. This is just one of the ways we help maximize the results you get from your marketing efforts.

Our Marketing Agency Is Different

We don’t simply focus on one isolated aspect of your digital marketing (such as your website, SEO, PPC, etc).

Unlike many other agencies, we focus on everything as more of a “whole body system”. We do this because strategically using these strategies together will help maximize your marketing dollars and produce the most results.

What do we mean by this?

Here are a few examples to help clarify our point.

Example 1:

You are paying someone for search engine optimization and your web design is ugly, dated and not very user-friendly…You are never going to reach your marketing potential regardless of how much you pay them. To be 100% honest, if this is the case they are robbing you and taking your money!

Example 2:

You are paying someone for Pay Per Click Advertising to send traffic to a website that is not designed to convert traffic into leads…Well, again you are only going to see minimal results and they are taking your money plain and simple!

Not having a strategic online marketing plan is often a very costly mistake. This is the primary reason most Web Design and Digital Agencies fall flat on their promises.

Once you have all these aspects together in a strategic plan, it then becomes vital to continually monitor and track every campaign, webpage and clickable button on your website.

This is how you turn your online marketing system into a “well-oiled” predictable money machine.

But this is almost (if not completely) impossible to do when you are working with 2 or 3 different agencies.

This Is Where We Excel Over Many Other Agencies!

We refer the above scenario as the dysfunctional family approach to digital marketing…

You know where everyone is mad as hell and blames someone else every time something goes wrong. lol

With our all-inclusive business model, we are able to provide a one-stop easy solution. This also helps keep everyone on the same page and working together as a functional team on the same mission.

The Problem

Unfortunately, in this industry, there is not a very high barrier to entry to go into business. And to make matters worse, most of the “gurus” out there teaching these internet marketing skills are preaching, “take the shortest path with the least resistance“.

Therefore you have a majority of marketers (and agencies) who never take the time to learn more than one aspect of their business.

Most of the digital marketing agencies out there who are offering services to small businesses are only offering one or two services when in reality… A large percentage of results are many times dependent upon services they don’t offer nor understand.

This often paves the way for over promised and under delivered results.

And there is no shortage of business owners out there who have been burned by these “fly-by-night” agencies.

This is why many business owners we talk with are frustrated. They know they need to do something but they simply don’t know where to turn or who to trust when it comes to “online marketing”. 

As a result, many of these small business owners are losing out on new business opportunities that could potentially change the course of their business.

Expert Digital Marketing Agency Solutions

Instead of working with 5 different agencies and each one blaming the other for their lack of results. As small business digital marketing experts, we provide an easy one-stop solution you can trust.

If you need digital marketing we can help. If you need website maintenance we can help. As a full-service digital marketing agency, we have you covered every step of the way. From the initial SEO audit to increase your results with conversion rate optimization we have you covered in one easy solution.

Get Results With An Expert Small Business Digital Marketing Agency!

If you are ready to dominate your online marketing and take your business to the next level but don’t know who to trust, we are here to help. At z5 Marketing, we provide all the solutions you need to reach your digital marketing goals.

We do offer stand-alone services but if other vital parts of your marketing plan are not up to par we may refuse stand-alone services.

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