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Small Business SEO Audits

Small Business SEO Audits

Small business SEO audits is an easy way for you to get expert advice about the current state of SEO on your business website.

It is a simple way to discover why competitors are outranking you in online search results and what you can do about it.

We offer both video audits and written audits. During video audits, we record our full audit process step by step. We do this to give you an opportunity to visually see everything that we are referring during the audit process just as if you were beside us.

You can expect our video audits to give you much deeper insights into your website and your competitor’s websites. This will allow you to see first hand any comments or suggestions we make about your site.

Who Are Our Audits For?

Our audits are for anyone who wants to know more about the current state of SEO on their own website or insight into what their competitors are doing on their website.

Our audit clients usually fall under 4 categories

  • You are considering having SEO work done and want an idea of the scope of work needed
  • You are trying to do the SEO work yourself and not sure what to do
  • You are an in-house team or agency needing a little guidance
  • You just want to check behind your current SEO service to verify the quality work you are paying for.

For those that want a more ongoing consulting, z5 Marketing does offer SEO consulting services as well. You can contact us for details.

What Is An SEO Audit?

An SEO site audit is a good way to get an overall assessment of your sites search engine friendliness.

It will give you an easy to understand expert analysis as to why your website may be underperforming in the search engine results. This analysis will also tell you what work needs to be done in order to improve your search rankings.

Parts of an Audit

There are really two parts of an audit. First is the audit of your website and second is the audit of your competitor’s websites who are ranking for the keywords you are targeting. This process will arm you with information about things that you can do to outrank your competitors in search results.

Your Small Business Website Analysis

During the process, we will do a full analysis of your website and provide you with a detailed list of any potential problems we find.

This will also look for any obvious conversion or user experience issues that may also help your sites overall marketing performance.

If you have any existing website analytics (data), we will also include this data and be able to provide an even more in-depth audit.

Competitor Website Marketing Analysis

Our audits don’t stop at your website!

We want to help you win and how can we do this if you don’t have some intel on the sites you are trying to outrank?

So as part of our standard process, we also conduct a thorough competitor analysis on your top three competitor’s websites to help determine key areas you will need to improve in order to win your local search rankings.

Types Of Audits We Offer

  • Video
  • Written

What is the difference between Video And Written Audits?

Both written and video audits will include written details about your audit.

Written SEO Audits

The written audit primarily consists of a to the point list of things that you need to improve on your website with brief expert suggestions for each item.

Video SEO Audits

For video audits, you will also receive a video recording of your websites audit process.

With our video audits, we also offer the option for live screen share meetings during the audit if you would like to participate in the process at no extra charge (schedule permitting).

Common Reasons To Get An Audit

  • Do-It-Yourself business owners
  • Check behind your last SEO
  • Get a third party opinion on work being performed by your current SEO
  • Determine the current state of your website before you hire an SEO
  • Determine if you really even need to hire an SEO

What All Is Included?

  • Full Website SEO Assesment
  • Website Design Analysis
  • Basic Conversion Analysis
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Site Traffic / Visitor Analysis (if applicable)
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Actionable Written Details
  • Video Recording (video audits only)

To request an audit or get more formation about our small business SEO audit process contact us today!

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