Business Website Security Monitoring Services

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Security Monitoring For Small Business Websites

Business Website Security Monitoring Services

Business Website Security Monitoring Services

Millions of small business websites are at risk of being hacked each day. With increased attacks on small businesses, website security monitoring is becoming more and more inevitable.

Nothing can undermine an investment into a website and digital marketing efforts faster than Malware.

This can also have a severe impact on your SEO or search engine rankings. Once search engines notice that your website is infected with malware they will immediately remove your site from their search results and this could take months to restore.

So let’s say hypothetically that 30% of a new business phone calls are coming from search traffic on Google. This means that their total revenue would be down 30% for MONTHS!!

You can quickly see how this could be disastrous for a business. We are talking layoffs, downsizing, potential loan defaults, etc.

That is why it is absolutely critical to have your business website monitored on a regular basis (especially if you are investing money into marketing it).

Through our website security monitoring services it is easy to eliminate this threat to your business (and your employees).

Protecting Your Business Reputation

Often sites that get hacked or infected with malware often go undetected for weeks or even months because most business owners rarely check their website. When was the last time you or an employee clicked through your entire site?

One of the more common attacks it to either redirect your site to a porn website or ad porn links to your site. This can have a major impact on the reputation of a business.

Imagine if a hacker redirected a page or your entire site to a pornographic website.

Or even worse image you are paying for local ads (both online and offline advertising) and when this paid traffic goes to your site it is redirected to porn!

Affordable Solutions

As a marketing company, we feel it is only ethical to help you protect your investment into your business website and marketing. This is why we have partnered with Comodo a cybersecurity industry leader to help our clients protect their sites. Through these services, we are able to offer live security scanning of your website up to every 4 hours.

In addition to daily scans, these plans also include malware removal at no extra cost if it is discovered. If you are already on one of our monthly website maintenance plans this security monitoring is already included in your plan. For those that want a stand-alone solution, we offer plans starting at $24.90 Month

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