Emergency Website Malware Removal

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Emergency Malware Removal For Business Websites

Emergency Website Malware Removal

Emergency Website Malware Removal

When a small business website becomes infected malware removal needs to happen as soon as possible. Malware works by using the infected website as a host to infect and gain access to computers that visit your website (typically potential customers and office staff).

Nothing can undermine an investment into a website and digital marketing faster than Malware can. Once search engines notice that your website is infected they will remove your site from their listings and this can take months to get back.

So let’s say hypothetically that 25% of a businesses revenue is coming from search traffic on Google. This means that their total revenue would be down 25% for MONTHS!! This could be disastrous for a business.

Ideally, a business’s first line of defense should be to protect their site before it gets infected (website security monitoring).

Unfortunately, for many business owners monthly monitoring is an afterthought until their site gets infected.

So what do you do after your site gets infected?

You get it removed as fast as possible!

Why Our Website Malware Removal Service Is Better

There is no shortage of services out there that will help you remove malware from an infected site.

The problem with most services especially the automated ones is that their results are often temporary.

Now don’t get us wrong, most removal services do a fantastic job of actually removing the Malware itself. The problem is that most services typically DO NOT fix the vulnerability that causes the business website to get infected in the first place.

To do this you must conduct some sort of website security audit or assessment to find and then harden the websites security vulnerabilities.

Without fixing the source of the problem malware removal is usually only a temporary solution.  If the source of the problem is not fixed it is only going a matter of time before another bot comes along and finds that exact same vulnerability and infects the site again.

And that is where we are different.

Our motto is, “Do the right thing the first time because it’s the right thing to do.”

So when we remove malware we also go in and fix the security vulnerability that caused your site to get infected in the first place. This helps ensure that your business website will not be infected over and over again.

Our Business Website Malware Removal Pricing

Pricing for small business malware removal starts at $199.

Our pricing always includes finding and fixing any potential security vulnerabilities that may have led to the website malware infection in the first place to prevent future attacks!

To learn more about our emergency website malware removal service contact us below.

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