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Custom Web Design And Website Maintenance

Custom web design and maintenance

Custom Web Design And Maintenance

z5 Marketing is your local Mt Airy NC web design agency specializing in business websites and digital marketing. All of our websites are custom built from scratch using code

And when we say we build custom websites we mean it!


The majority of the sites we build are marketing websites geared toward lead generation but we do work with a wide variety of clients. If you are looking to generate more new clients for your business you came to the right place.

In addition to marketing sites, we also build sites with a more corporate feel for those who wish to go that route.

We Do More Than Just Build Awesome Websites

We can also make changes or add features to your existing site if needed.

In addition to these services we also offer web hosting for business websites, maintenance plans, marketing and more.

We are a national digital marketing agency located here in North Carolina and we especially love working with local business owners.

If you are a local business owner in the Mt Airy, NC we would love to discuss your next project.

Styles Of Websites We Build

  • Marketing Websites – Usually for small and midsize businesses, built for the primary purpose of generating leads.
  • Corporate Style Sites – For businesses that just want to make a bold statement and let their web presence be known.

4 Reasons We Build Our Websites From Code

  • Performance
  • Security
  • Stability
  • Flexibility

By hand writing our own code, there are not very many limits to our customization abilities.

This gives up full control of your site with the ability to implement most any functionality that you may require.

Our Web Design Philosophy

It’s simple! We believe in doing things right the first time!

So when it comes to digital marketing, your website should be the cornerstone of your digital marketing plan!

It is literally the foundation that all of your other marketing (even offline marketing) should be built upon.

Unfortunately, it’s far too common to see businesses paying so-called “agencies” to run Facebook Ads or Google Search Ads sending traffic to websites without an effective way to convert that traffic into leads once it hits the website.

We consider this behavior unethical and flat out ROBBERY in many cases!

Unfortunately, this behavior gives all digital marketing and web design agencies a bad image by anyone who has been burned.

And as a result, most business owners are left knowing they need to do something but too fearful of getting ripped off to trust anyone!

Why Our Websites Perform Better

  • Website Architecture –  Probably one of the more important and most commonly overlooked aspects of a website is its architecture. A well laid out site will make it easier for users to read and navigate (helps with conversions) and increasing search engine readability making your site more relevant than a poorly structured site (SEO)
  • Information Architecture – Just like with the overall website architecture (how the files and pages are laid out) the information structure of how the content on each page is laid out is equally important. This requires a skillful mixture of user experience (user behavior psychology) best practices and sales/ad copy best practices for which will dramatically increase your overall visitor experience and conversion rates.
  • Lightweight Designs –  We have now officially moved into a mobile-first internet era. Currently, there are more mobile devices (phones & tablets) online than computers.  Which means if your site has a slow to load on slow internet speed (cellular networks) the average visitor will abandon your site in 3-4 seconds (creates a poor user experience). Search engines also know this fact and will penalize your search engine ranking for a slow loading site.
  • Website SEO –  While traditional onsite search engine optimization practices still play a vital role in how a website performs in the search engines, other often overlooked factors are becoming more and more important such as user metrics, site architecture, site load time to mention a few. In addition to web design, we are also NC SEO experts.
  • Analytics – The only true way to know how users are interacting with your site (what is working and what is not) is through proper tracking of visitor data (the analytics of your site). This takes the guesswork out of turning your website into a marketing machine.
  • Security –  Site security could not only be damaging and costly to your revenue, marketing and website but it could also be costly to your business reputation. Your businesses could even potentially be held liable in court for damages caused by malicious attacks caused by a security hack from your site if you are found to be in neglect.

Our Winston Salem NC Business Website Services Include

  • Custom Web Design
  • Business Website Management
  • Modifications To Existing Websites
  • Website Maintenance
  • Web Hosting For Businesses
  • Website Security Audits
  • Malware Removal
  • and more…

If you are a local business owner and want to work with a local Mt Airy NC web design agency contact us below to discuss your next project.

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